Experience Great Dining at Boomtown

The World Famous Casino Hotel in Reno, Nevada

Experience great dining, restaurants, buffets, cafes, coffee shops, and more at the Boomtown Casino and Hotel. Enjoy the Boomtown Steakhouse, Famous Lobster Buffet, Market Fresh Deli, Baja Mexican food, Pete’s Coffee shop, Mel’s Diner, and more!

  • Boomtown Steakhouse

  • Boomtown Steakhouse

    OPEN Wed-Sun (4:30 pm to Close)

    Reno’s newest hot spot. A culinary experience you won’t forget!

    For Reservations please call (775) 345-8500


  • Feature-Dining-Lobster-Buffet

  • Famous Lobster Buffet

    OPEN Fri and Sat (12pm to 9pm) and Sun (12pm to 8pm)

    We’re serving up all-you-can-enjoy lobster! Top that off with classic buffet dishes, a salad bar and dessert bar to make it a truly scrumptious experience!


  • BBQ Buffet

  • Players Club BBQ Buffet

    OPEN Every Thursday (11am to 9pm)

    Come down and get your BBQ Buffet on! We have everything from salads, soups, pizza, ribs, chicken, tri-tip, mashed potatoes and gravy, seafood, Chinese food, an entire desert bar, and more! We have all the delicious food you can enjoy!


  • Market Fresh Deli

  • Market Fresh Deli

    OPEN Mon-Tues (11:30 am to Close), and Wed-Sun (10am to Close)

    Hot pizza, fresh salads, cool drinks and an easy-going atmosphere. What more is there to love at Market Fresh Deli? Come try our handcrafted pizzas, sub sandwiches, awesome salads and more!


  • Baja Mexican

  • Baja Mexican

    OPEN Fri, Sat, and Sun (11am to Close)

    Our food has flare! Check out Baja Mexican, where we serve up authentic Mexican foods! Choose from a variety of tacos, burritos, salads, chips, salsa, beers and more! We have the food that will zest up your day!


  • Peet's Coffee and Tea

  • Peet’s Coffee & Tea

    OPEN Daily (6am to 10pm)

    Take a break from the action and indulge in the world’s finest brewed coffee, hand-crafted espresso beverages, and fresh pastries. All brewed up from the Peet’s Coffee and Tea in your favorite casino, Boomtown!


  • Mel's Diner

  • Mels Diner

    OPEN 24 Hours, 7 Days a Week!

    When you visit Mels, you’re experiencing part of the American dream. The first Mels was opened two days before Christmas in 1947. From that single store, Mels has Endured changes in the economy, lifestyles and still it’s a place you can visit and feel connected to a simple, delicious, comforting lifestyle!


  • Food Specials

  • Boomtown Food Specials

    September 2016

    Relax, eat, and enjoy our monthly food specials! You’ll always find a smile and new friends waiting every time you visit any of our great restaurants, buffets, cafes, coffee shops, and diners!